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Managed Services

Star of Bosphorus Data Center provides management services under the name of Managed Services, along with the Cloud Services and Server Hosting Services, enabling organizations to become more efficient in their operational processes. 24/7 service agreements aim to ensure all processes are handled in a perfect way, risks are minimize and the organizations become profitable in every way.

  • IT operations are moved to the data center or cloud
  • Freedom of data center and cloud environment returns as an advantage
  • Service quality and productivity increase with lower costs
  • Corporate services are always accessible from anywhere, business processes accelerate
  • IT units turn into business-oriented structures

Managed services are ideal when:

  • Competitive landscape is changing rapidly and technological solutions are getting more and more complex
  • Budgets are being optimized or cut and heterogeneous ICT infrastructure maintenance is becoming more in demand
  • Operational efficiency is dropping and labor performance needs to be improved


  • Free up the time to focus on a core business
  • Reduce ICT infrastructure, operations, and personnel costs (CAPEX/OPEX)
  • Deploy necessary services quickly
  • Manage resource consumption flexibly (pay as you go)


  • Service customization based on your unique needs
  • Guaranteed IT system availability to users, SLA
  • Security fully compliant with information system classes (K2, K3)
  • Integration with existing IT infrastructure
  • Best IT specialists and access to cutting-edge technologies

Why it pays?

Managed services provide dramatic savings within a 2-3 year timeframe, thus allowing for high double-figure percentage financial benefits compared with the TCO of traditional procurement and implementation.


  • Equipment and software cost
  • Installation cost
  • Property tax
  • IT staff cost
  • Service contracts


Monthly payment covers the cost of:

  • Specified number of users or traffic
  • Data storage or exchange
  • Data replication software
  • 20-50% savings, compared to on-site installation


Regular payment (every 6, 12 or more months) covers the cost of:

  • Specified number of users or traffic
  • Data storage or exchange
  • Data replication software
  • CROC’s cloud computing resources
  • Service customization
  • 15% savings, compared to monthly payments

Why NGN?

  • Services based on NGN’s data center and/or cloud and/or customer’s own infrastructure
  • 10+ years of partnership with leading hardware and software vendors
  • Best certified IT professionals
  • Own TIER III data center
  • Service continuity guaranteed by SLA

NGN Offers Following Managed Services

Hardware Maintenance and Management

Star of Bosphorus Data Center provides its customers with first hand support and physically enables them to remotely make necessary interventions to their equipment. In addition, all the customers who want to provide the equipment as an operational brand independent management services. Star of Bosphorus manages the whole process and assumes to follow up, renew and support.

Infrastructure and Cloud Services Management

With the high processing power, scalable data storage and backup components offered, the infrastructure resources needed (CPU, memory or disk) can be used with the desired time without the initial investment cost. The experienced and expert support team, which provides 24/7 service, installs and manages the servers in the desired configuration and quantity. In Star of Bosphorus Data Center, NGN Cloud infrastructure provides fast, flexible and scalable virtual server service with cost advantage to its customers. Customers can manage their own infrastructure via the self-service portal or transfer the portal management to NGN's expert teams on purpose. In addition, the on-premise dedicated infrastructure is provided with the virtualization or private cloud environment.

Management of Backup Services

In Star of Bosphorus Data Center, full image and/or agent based backup service is provided to clients' infrastructures according to the desired procedure. The IT infrastructure offers remote location cloud backup service to customers located in another data center or its headquarters.

Disaster Recovery Center Services Management

In the Star of Bosphorus Data Center, replication service is provided to another data center according to the RPO/RTO times required for the infrastructures of the hosting or cloud service customers. A disaster recovery center replication service is offered to customers located in another data center or its headquarters. 

Operating System Management

All services are provided by Star of Bosphorus Data Center, such as monitoring systems with a proactive approach 24/7, performance improvement and rapid intervention when necessary. Server hosting or cloud service customers' operating systems (MS, Linux, Ubuntu, Centos, etc.) are optionally managed as follows:

  • Antivirus, monitoring and configuration of backup agents on demand and configuration
  • Network settings
  • Installing updates
  • Installing Microsoft server roles, if available (IIS, Remote Desktop Services, File server, etc.)
  • Making patch management
  • Take necessary measures to ensure efficient and uninterrupted operation of the server
  • Application Database Management

In Star of Bosphorus Data Center, application databases (SQL, Oracle, SAP, etc.) of the clients that receive hosting or cloud services are managed as follows:

  • 24/7 monitoring and support
  • Performance improvement studies
  • Periodic check-up
  • Problem detection and troubleshooting
  • Configuration change
  • Implementation of backup and return strategies delivered by the customer
  • Implementing business continuity strategies delivered by the client
  • Database planning and scaling

Network and Security Services Management

In Star of Bosphorus Data Center, high Gbps network traffic is available, depending on the request of customers who receive server hosting or cloud services. The WAN/LAN structure is monitored and reported according to customer demand. The data center offers a dedicated and/or shared firewall service, load sharing service, IPS/IDS/DDoS service.

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