Outsourcing Solutions

NGN customers outsource non-core IT functions in order to reduce the burden on their budgets, have sophisticated IT tasks solved by external experts, and significantly improve the quality of IT processes.

To manage its own IT infrastructure and keep it up and running, a company needs to employ highly skilled IT specialists — something which entails considerable expenses on work seat organization, advanced training courses, etc.

Outsourcing standard functions is an alternative option, which allows businesses to easily forecast their expenses based on actually consumed services.

Service portfolio
Remote Support
Service portfolio

a. Remote Support

Enjoy our first line support and reduce your personnel and equipment costs. Both remote and on-site support are available depending on your needs.

We offer:

  • 24×7 request processing
  • Processing of requests generated by automated monitoring tools
  • Monitoring of system software log files
  • System software updates
Turnkey Service Desk in Less Than a Week

b. Turnkey Service Desk in Less Than a Week

Enjoy your own cloud-based Service Desk that meets the highest industry standards, automate management of incidents, requests and configurations in the shortest time with no procurement costs, control support processes from any location via a standard web browser, and pay for the service depending on the number of specialists involved, thus managing expenses in line with your current objectives and capabilities.

Solution features:

  • Dedicated telephone number
  • Fast scalability regardless of the company size or geographical distribution
  • Service quality monitoring in compliance with SLA for incidents

Built-in KPI-based reporting system

Remote Monitoring System

c. Remote Monitoring System

Just click a mouse key to start this tailored solution and monitor your infrastructure round-the-clock using customized parameters and threshold values. Manage your expenses by paying for the solution depending on the equipment quantity.

System features:

  • Encrypted data transmission
  • Equipment availability and performance monitoring
  • Monitoring of service availability according to SLA
  • Preparing diagrams using monitored parameters
Office Printing Outsource

d. Office Printing Outsource

Get rid of one of the most tiresome support tasks, optimize office equipment quantity, forget about maintenance problems, manage printed documents access rights, and only pay for print volume you actually use.

HR Function Outsourcing

e. HR Function Outsourcing

NGN’s HR specialists can help your organization leverage corporate culture features for strategic HR planning, more efficient recruitment, staff adaptation and training, better incentive and motivation systems, and holding of events.

More efficient recruitment system

  • High-quality and prompt applicant selection by NGN’s HR specialists
  • Creating an ideal applicant profile based on the current and strategic objectives and features of your company
  • Recruitment system optimization
  • Establishing or adjusting recruitment business process
  • Establishing a CV and interview database

Optimization of resources spent on non-core IT assets and processes

Improved quality of enterprise IT services by optimizing processes and maximizing return on investment in business assets

Improved transparency of IT services and IT budgets, thus allowing for the making of reasonable and timely decisions on IT infrastructure transformation required for IT strategy implementation

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