VR and AR are promising tools which can help increase the potential of any advertising media and attract an audience more effectively.

Content Development

  • 3D videos and interactive apps to visually demonstrate benefits of goods or services
  • Branded mobile VR and AR apps


  • Shop-in-shop powered by VR or AR technology, without need for special goggles or other technical means
  • VR suites for events in order to revolutionize the environment and implement the most creative ideas

Completed Project

DeLaval brand promotion.


  • 3D modeling of DeLaval products
  • Design of interfaces
  • Development of a mobile AR app

NGN integrated AR markers into product catalogs of DeLaval, a high-tech dairy farm equipment manufacturer. Users can simply point their smartphone camera at these markers and watch a dynamic 3D model of a milking robot with a detailed visualization and technical process demonstration.

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