Virtual Reality

NGN’s Virtual Reality Center develops tailor-made VR and AR solutions and provides integration services and technical support, with the company’s ready-to-use application technology solutions now being available for a variety of business tasks.

  • Use VR & AR solutions to attract prospective customers and boost sales.
  • Adopt VR tools for industrial design to facilitate the process and teamwork at all stages of a project, from prototyping to completion.
  • Museums and galleries can offer a full visitor immersion experience via virtual reality and help investigate even the most minor of details of an exhibit.
  • Efficiency of trainings improve intensely once coupled with Virtual Reality and 3D technology, especially when it comes to emergency operations at complex, geographically distributed and hard-to-reach sites.
  • Make eye-catching product presentations and provoke ‘wow-effect’ at events and trade sites with Virtual Reality advertising visualization.
  • Success Stories

    Star of Bosphorus Data Center

    "NGN, with its Star of Bosphorus Data Center, offers new generation solutions beyond the standards to its customers."

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