Star of Bosphorus Data Center

Digital Fortress that Protects Turkey's Data

Star of Bosphorus Data Center

NGN, with its Star of Bosphorus Data Center, offers new generation solutions beyond the standards to its customers.

Star of Bosphorus Data Center provides a unique facility structure for corporate customers who have prioritized reliability and uninterrupted working time; it is Turkey's most advanced data center with its experienced team and international certification.

Star of Bosphorus Data Center is the first Uptime Institute Tier III Design & resort in Turkey certified "operator-independent" commercial data center in Turkey, and it carries out the operation with 16 MW total power and about 5,000 m2 in the white space for over 2,000 standard cabinets.

We are pleased to offer our customers the highest degree of physical protected server / hardware hosting facility designed to reduce the risk of earthquakes. We provide the level of protection with the architecture of the building, the overall design of the data center infrastructure and the location of the facility.

The data center has a scalable design with four Data Center Modules (DCM). Each Data Center Module has its own infrastructure with power, cooling, fire prevention and physical security systems. Our facility has an office space for our customers who want to position their IT staff close to their systems. Telecommunication operators have the opportunity to use the MMR ”meet-me room“ areas for reliable data connection.

The physical security of our customers' IT equipment is one of our priorities. We know the value of customized controls as well as planned work to meet the needs of businesses with complex IT business processes. For this reason, the data center-connected facilities and data halls are physically positioned separately, and double-factor authentication and biometric controls are applied to manage access to facilities in the data center.

Designed to respond to the ever-increasing IT and network requirements of organizations with Digital Transformation, Star of Bosphorus brings a whole new approach to the understanding of data centers:

Uninterrupted service under all conditions, high security

Flexible service capacity thanks to scalable design

Unique position, powerful service, superior performance

High environmental sensitivity through safe operation

Star of Bosphorus at a Glance:

  • Uptime Institute Tier III design and facility certifications
  • LEED certification
  • ISO 9001, ISO 27001 certifications
  • Seismic isolated building technology
  • Carrier neutral data center with flexibility to receive services from any operator the customers desire and the possibility of back-up in case of interruption of an operator service
  • 4 data center modules in two separate buildings, scalable design with 2 data centers in each data center module
  • Structural Design

    Istanbul is located in an important earthquake zone based on its thousands of years of seismic history. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure operational continuity with seismic isolation system in a data center that will be established in Istanbul and to protect equipment investment in case of a possible earthquake.

    Star of Bosphorus is the first data center in Turkey that is designed to ensure continuity of operation in case of an earthquake based on the correlation of seismic incidents in the last two thousand five hundred years, in accordance with globally-accepted FEMA standards.

    With its structural seismic isolation designed to reduce earthquake risk, which is the first in Turkey and one of the few in the world; Star of Bosphorus will protect the entire building against earthquake and eliminate any possible interruptions in case of an earthquake.

    Star of Bosphorus has been designed and constructed by considering all requirements for a data center. It has been constructed to serve only as a data center building according to equipment, white spaces, general use areas and the most effective layout plan for entry and exit, and consists of single floor building that is appropriate/suitable for all weight loading.

  • Security

    Data security requires more than antivirus programs and firewalls to protect against cybercriminals. As Star of Bosphorus Data Center, we offer assurance that information is protected from events such as theft, vandalism, natural disasters, accidents etc. In addition to physical security, our assurance also requires technical support and it is at maximum level with NGN expertise.

    Star of Bosphorus provides 24/7 security and uses multiple systems, equipment and controls to monitor and record access throughout the facility. Comprehensive security features include:

    • Monitoring with camera which is supported by digital recordings with PCI-DSS-related controls
    • Smart card readers with biometric access authentication technology
    • Safe closets and cages
    • Comprehensive compliance and monitor programs
    • Visitor identity and authorization
  • Quality Standards

    Star of Bosphorus has the Tier III Design and Facility Certification of Uptime Institute, an internationally recognized authority for improving data center performance and efficiency. Uptime Institute has recognized Star of Bosphorus Data Center for its concurrently maintainable design and dedication to increasing its operational standards by awarding it with its prestigious certification. Tier III ensures a concurrently maintainable data center: If one component of the data center power, cooling and energy distribution fails, the remaining can support all load without any problem.

    ISO 27001:2013, 20000-1:2011, ISO 9001-2011, ISO 9001:2008, PCI DSS ISO certifications make it possible for us to provide products and services by applying quality, safety, security, environment and energy management standards to meet and exceed our customers' specifications.

    Star of Bosphorus is a LEED-certified data center that ensures safety of all equipment, team and environment and is aware of its environmental responsibilities. Equipped by mechanical systems that are designed for protection of the nature and the environment, Star of Bosphorus ensures power saving and carbon footprint optimization with 10 percent less use of active cooling and executes environment-friendly operations thanks to battery-less Diesel Rotary UPSs (DRUPS).


  • Carrier Neutrality

    Carrier neutrality is critical for data centers.

    Star of Bosphorus provides its clients the flexibility to receive service from the required operator thanks to its carrier neutral infrastructure which guarantees the quality of service provided. Telecom operators quickly configure their systems and get involved in the operation thanks to the advanced infrastructure of Star of Bosphorus that receives service from fiber optic entrance rooms that are routed in different forms.

    Star of Bosphorus also provides MMR (meet-me-room) space for telecom operators. Equipment of telecom operator is deployed in data center while cables are deployed in a separate area in the building and at shared access points, in a way that is not accessible by other operators. 

  • Colocation Services

    Star of Bosphorus Data Center provides a professional environment that is constantly monitored by physical conditions, energy, air conditioning, network infrastructure and physical and information security criteria for businesses that want to host IT infrastructures under reliable conditions. The data center halls are specifically configured to accommodate cabinet-type server and network equipment. Areas or cabins to be rented are customized according to customer requirements.

    The redundant energy infrastructure, redundant air conditioning and physical security required for the hosting services are provided by the Star of Bosphorus Data Center. Where necessary, any device and system can be provided by Star of Bosphorus, including management.

    • Renting Ready Cabins: According to data center standards, there is a pre-prepared cabin type (42U) prepared previously. All of these cabins are encrypted and locked.
    • Caged Area Service: Cabins that are separated by a modular cage and a lock system in private cage areas can only be accessed by the customer authorized persons. These areas can also be monitored by private security cameras. This service can be offered to customers who require at least 4 cabins to be configured together.

    Standard Services with Hosting Service

    • Removing and reinserting the servers from the cabin during server placement and maintenance
    • Optional KVM connection
    • Physical control of the client's server upon request
    • Performing server restart
    • Public / Private Network upon request
    • Redundant Link to the Backbone of Service Providers
    • Licensing under SPLA
    • 24/7 Continuous Technical Support
    • Smart Hands & Remote Hands
    • Data center transport services

    Reduce your Costs

    You can reduce your IT costs and workload to a minimum by hosting server and system hardware of your company in the Star of Bosphorus Data Center and you can provide a cost-effective, less costly solution.

    99.9% Accessibility Guarantee

    A minimum 99.9% accessibility guarantee is provided in the hosting service, which is measured monthly by our domestic and international monitoring systems.

    24/7 Support

    We offer 24/7 hardware and software support to our rented servers with our expert technical staff.

    Operator Independence

    In our data center, our network infrastructure is provided by three different telecommunication operators, namely Türk Telekom, Turkcell and Vodafone, thus having the highest connectivity capacity and accessibility.

    System Montoring Service

    With our Server Hosting service, ping and monitoring services are provided on demand, and services such as Web, MySQL and DNS are monitored by our technical personnel.

  • NGN Cloud

    Cloud Computing is a key way for businesses to provide and maintain a competitive edge in digitalization. With NGN Cloud, we are always with you on this journey!

    In NGN Cloud, all device and user performance points are collected in a single platform with the aim of providing cost-effective and reliable solutions, full redundant infrastructure, expert staff and quality service for all needs.

    Click for details.

  • Managed Services

    Star of Bosphorus Data Center provides management services under the name of Managed Services, along with the Cloud Services and Server Hosting Services, enabling organizations to become more efficient in their operational processes. 24/7 service agreements aim to ensure all processes are handled in a perfect way, risks are minimize and the organizations become profitable in every way.

    Click for details.

  • Security Services

    The following security services are provided to customers who receive hosting or cloud services in the Star of Bosphorus Data Center:

    a. Firewall Service

    With the Firewall Management service, we perform user authentication, auditing and logging and support for S2S and IPSEC along with DOS attack protection. Dedicated and / or shared firewall management services can be provided upon request.

    b. Load Balancer Service

    When the website or company application has heavy traffic, the redundancy is provided to ensure that the service continues to operate uninterruptedly by distributing the additional overhead to different servers, and until the trouble on a server or application is eliminated. Dedicated and / or shared firewall services can be provided upon request.

    c. SSL VPN Service

    Without the need for any software and hardware, employees can securely connect over the Internet to the corporate network.

    Dedicated SSL VPN: We provide licensing on a company-specific hardware and end-to-end Client to Site VPN support.

    Shared SSL VPN: Through centralized management, this service can be offered without incurring hardware and licensing costs.

    d. IPS/IDS Service

    Future attacks on customer systems are blocked by predetermination and servers are protected against attacks. Depending on the request of our customers, we are able to provide shared and hostbase IPS services.

    e. Viruswall Service

    We deliver e-mail content and add-ons to your messaging server before scanning them on our antivirus-antispam servers based on IP and we protect them from harmful content.

    f. Web Application Firewall

    It is a service designed to protect web-based applications that are open to the Internet and provided hardware or through cloud protection forms.

    Unlike traditional firewall and IPS / IDS devices, it is not only signature-based and it can analyze the incoming traffic by evaluating the results and can prevent zero-day attacks.

    g. Efficient IP-DNS

    EfficientIP DDI solution SOLID Server is a hardware package designed to provide high performance solutions for DNS-DHCP-IPAM services. Some of its distinctive features are:

    DNS Guardian: It analyzes the processes of the DNS server to provide a high-performance attack detection capability during DNS tunnelling attempts in volumetric attacks, stealth attacks or reliable customer data. It provides statistics on its unique performance and reports DNS traffic without the need for additional devices. You do not need an additional device to collect statistics and generate reports.

    DNS Firewall: Monitoring and analyzing DNS traffic based on RPZ (Response Policy Zone), providing a special layer of defense to protect users and infrastructures against DNS-based malware. DNS Firewall prevents devices from being infected by malicious software and prevents their activity by allowing recursive DNS servers to stop or redirect queries from clients that want to access their domains and malicious IPs. Devices that are infected with malicious software can be identified for rapid correction of harmful effects and can be located in the network.

    Hybrid DNS technology is also integrated into the SOLID server device, which allows you to easily and transparently manage zero-day security vulnerabilities with two of the best-in-class DNS engines in the device. DNS Blast: Cache DNS performance is provided up to 17 million DNS QPS.

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