VR and AR technologies improve design efficiency by excluding calculation errors and reducing costs and are thus a big help at any stage, from digital prototyping to production.

Design Bureau

  • Design data visualization for a designer to work individually with complex assemblies, using VR goggles
  • Design data visualization from customer’s PLM and BIM systems for further display on screen
  • Design object visualization in 1:1 scale in CAVE systems (VR rooms) for design demonstration and testing

Decision Centers

  • Visual presentation of engineering calculations, CAD data, and modeling results
  • Photorealistic object visualization


  • Visualization of BIM designs
  • Quick design visualization to evaluate construction progress based on photogrammetry results
  • Architectural visualization in VR systems which makes designs easy to see and examine

Special Labs

  • Development of VR interfaces for software to be used in VR rooms, helmets and goggles
  • VR tools for research institutes

Completed Project:

Virtual Prototyping System for an Aircraft Design Bureau

Reduce time and cost of finished product ergonomics evaluation.


  • Integrate a CAVE system with customer’s CAD tools
  • Visualize aircraft fuselage and cabin in a natural size

The aircraft cabin was prototyped in 3D by means of a CAVE system integrated with a design engineer’s workstation, thus enabling engineers of the large aircraft design bureau to check prototype compliance.

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