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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Reduce the cost of designing linear extended and infrastructure objects, simplify construction work management, cut the expenses related to the operation of completed facilities, and extend the life of their engineering infrastructure...

Which one IT solution can do all at once?

NGN’s Solution for Road, Industrial and Civil Engineering

The answer is Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology. NGN's BIM-based integrated solution comprising cutting-edge IT products for road, industrial and civil engineering is a tool that can ensure a much more efficient design, construction, reconstruction, repair, and maintenance of both auto road and roadside infrastructure.

BIM technology addresses all stages of construction project lifecycle and simplifies the design, construction and reconstruction.

1. Design. Project 3D models are designed using special tools that enable immediate project updating, comparing cost estimates, and generating a set of documents in compliance with state standards. 3D visualization of construction site eliminates the need for creating plastic or plaster models, enables thorough site examination, immediate changes to a project, and its detailed demonstration. Virtual 3D tours long before the construction start date significantly facilitate project presentation. Visualization objects may include linear extended objects, houses, campuses, and even city districts.

2. Construction.An approved project is transmitted into the construction management part of the solution that generates analytical and statistical reports on construction progress, and the construction machinery management part that maintains high quality and accuracy of on-site work performance. Dispatch control center receives work progress data in real time from control modules and monitors processes on several sites simultaneously allowing for prompt work change control.

3. Operation. All site data accumulated after pre-design examination and obtained at the construction stage goes to a part of the solution that creates a unified information environment to ensure site data processing and storing at the operation stage, and generating reports and forecasts. Operational, strategic, and statistical reports enable timely maintenance and repair in order to ensure site serviceability.

A unique technology for creating comprehensive 3D models based on digital images allows to recover information about the sites for which up-to-date technical documentation is not available, and to receive information on current construction site status. This technology allows making 3D models based on images taken by any camera (including simplest models) with maximum measurement error of 2 mm. This technology can be used at the design stage for the examination of existing conditions, at the construction stage for work progress control and process analysis, and at the operation stage to monitor road element condition.


  • An integrated approach to the collection, display and repeated use of both analytical and statistical information boosts the road project efficiency
  • Reduced cost estimate of the design, construction, and reconstruction of auto roads and industrial and civil objects
  • Better quality of the whole scope of construction work, significantly reduced construction costs and time over the entire project lifecycle from pre-design preparation, design and presentation to construction and operation
  • 5 to 2-fold and more increased performance of construction work and operation

BIM trainings and workshops:

We do understand that it will take some time to transfer your business to a new more efficient track. Long-term experience shows that one of the keys to success is the qualified training of your employees.

Our training programs will help you to correct the way of their thinking. Our expert will help your personnel to adapt to a new way of working in unified BIM oriented IT environment step by step from simple to complex.

Introduction to BIM technology: 1-day workshop for 5-10 people.
BIM technology International Course: general course with real-life tools applied 2-days training for 5-10 people.
Customized vendor-provided training: individual and group courses.

To gain an insight into a BIM-based integrated solution, please contact us.

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