VR and AR technologies enable salespersons to deliver eye-catching product presentations and vividly demonstrate product benefits to potential buyers. Such a presentation format is ideal for selling real estate or products, whether sophisticated or not, including technology prototypes.

Information Materials for Customers

  • Powered by VR and AR technologies, interactive product models show all product advantages at work
  • Virtual configurators help demonstrate the entire range of products and customization opportunities

Sales Office

  • VR showrooms demonstrate photorealistic 3D simulations of real estate, whether construction is complete or in progress, as well as machinery models, and other products

Completed Project

Burj Khalifa virtual holographic model for real estate sales office.


  • Develop a 3D model of Burj Khalifa
  • Elaborate interaction and presentation scenarios
  • Adapt a model for presentation via a virtual holographic system
  • Design a presentation booth

NGN developed an interactive 3D model of the skyscraper and surroundings so that people could get a bird’s-eye view of Burj Khalifa, evaluate the layout of some floors, and compare the skyscraper with other high buildings around the globe. In addition, the company created a dedicated demo booth with a holography table for visitors to examine the building model in a high level of detail.

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