PepsiCo Has Chosen NGN for its Managed Services

PepsiCo the leader as a food-beverage firm on the World is carrying on business more than 215 country. PepsiCo, which has over 65 billion dollars of annual return, is producing nutrient, tasty foods and refreshments which gives pleasure to the consumers life with its exceeding 250 thousand of employees who meets up around the vision of ‘’Performance with Purpose’’. 

PepsiCo exhibits the largest portfolio on the World with its 22 individual brands which has over 1 billion dollars of retail liquidation eachof. PepsiCo have chosen NGN on the field of Manageable Services, which is regarding to outsourcing the investments on IT field, upon the ordinances has been made with its new organizational habit after the alteration of CIO. The investment that has been performed one of the most practical, highly experienced and chief player of the sector as NGN, provided momentum, non stop servicing, and functionality and added value in the field of IT.

We are reshaping the game with Star of Bosphorus Data Center…

NGN General Manager Assistant Mufit Süer evaluated the project as: We designed the Star of Bosphorus to satisfy the needs of the firms which deliberate its future and appreciate their datas. Our goal is to improve the data center perception in Turkey and make a difference with data center infrastructure and the services we provide here. At Star of Bosphorus we provide data center services with international standards mainly in a wide range of consultancy to companies, cloud, application management, disaster recovery, back up and work sustainability, security, data storage hosting.

Star of Bosphorus; as an operator distanced data center, provides flexibility of receiving service from desired operators to customers and a connection capability that can be backed up in case of a disruption of an operators service. Our priorities are non-stop servicing in every circumstances, flexible service capacity due to its scalable design with high security. The cloud solutions which is at the center of Digitalization, is an area that we invested for a long period of times. By integrating a data center of our own with this investment, we desire to structure the digital future of our country from this center. Turkey is one of the most developing country in world market as data base aspect and our party is ready to create the difference in the sector. We are thinking Star of Bosporus located at Istanbul will bring many global enterprises in Asian Middle-East and Europe together and become a center base of Digitallization.

By providing all management services that we gather under Managed Services with Our Star of Bosphorus data center with Cloud Services and Server Hosting Service, we provide an opportunity to become much more efficient in corporation’s operational process. Our priorities are, every process to work magnificently with 7/24 service agreements, minimizing risks and corporation’s to be prosperous in every aspect. We offer wide range of services from Hardware Maintenance and Management to Infrastructure and Cloud Services Management, from Backup Services Management to Disaster Recovery and Operating System Management, and enable IT accumulation to focus on main business lines and work more sufficiently rather than daily tasks.

Managed Services lives its golden era

Managed Services is living its golden era thanks to network(fiber) infrastructure of ISP’s getting stronger and stabilize, increasing in the number of data centers and improvement of cloud technologies. With data center and cloud solution technologies’ rapid improvement, as it has been happening in all world, Managed Services’ sphere of influence and weight is increasing in Turkey too. We published the survey results on the purpose of the acceptance level of managed services in Turkey, benefits and inspection of prejudices, that is prepared by MNG and DataCenterDynamics partnership with 148 senior IT personnel, last December. Survey results: showed Managed Services, fastest growing segment in IT external source and service sector, accepted in Turkey and the acceptance ratio will increase in 1-3 years. Managed service providers, more than half of the companies, preferred in field services and security management topics. The participants of the survey planned to get the services: IT Operations, Disaster Recovery Center and Business Continuity Services Management, Data Center Management. Cloud informatics provide so important benefits to companies, such as decreasing the capital infrastructure, providing rapid supply access, increasing efficiency, high performance, licensing cost reduction and safe and economical realization of managed services. In this period the predictions that such trends as digital transition and Industry 4.0 will create a new reformation, The companies’ strategies, attitude to technology, data amounts and also utilization models are transforming. In the atmospheric which data gain importance, The very essential of to become competitive is the work more data oriented within the scope of digital transition and own the compatible technologic infrastructure. These investments that could done with high costs in the past, now can be done comfortably with pay-per-use easiness thanks to cloud and managed services infrastructure. Organizations in Turkey has begun their digital transition journey with cloud and managed services usage, we will see linear growth in acceptance of the services and their usage in forthcoming periods.

We hereas NGN in the position as the closest business partner for our customers in IT infrastructure and their personnel demands nearly over 10 years. We accomplished projects in this field with many international company thanks to experience and self-esteem gained by long years. The newest of these project is our ‘’Managed Services’’ project that we carried out with PepsiCo. We provide personnel and IT support to various locations of PepsiCo within the context of project. The provided personnel’s compatibility with your business partner is important as well as compatibility to you. The personnel’s who will be supplied to work in this field have to be tested conscientiously about several equipment.

The project has started at the ends of the November in 2017 as mutual sincerity and a work started faithfully by two firms which is important in their area. We have listened the other party’s requirements about their needs firstly. We offered our services that we can provide as a solution of this. We work to meet them with solutions about their needs to make them happy and we met them up with solutions to have the desired efficiency about work continuity. While PepsiCo gain favor by the investment about Managed Services, we added a project done with a global company to our section. We provide high quality personnel for PepsiCo to serve in fields such as Network Support, End User Support, Software Application Support, Server Support and Call Center Support. In this context we provide them with continuity, uninterruption in business process, speed and added value. If there is a problem about the personnel that we provided, we immediately direct another personnel who has the same criterias.

We Left The Job To Its Expert

PepsiCo IT Manager Önder Birol explained; PepsiCo the leader as a food-beverage firm on the World is carrying on business more than 215 country. PepsiCo, which has over 65 billion dollars of annual return, is producing nutrient, tasty foods and refreshments which gives pleasure to the consumers life with its exceeding 250 thousand of employees who meets up around the vision of ‘’Performance with Purpose’’. PepsiCo exhibits the largest portfolio on the World with its 22 individual brands which has over 1 billion dollars of retail liquidation eachof. Its continue to provide service with qualified, innovative products to the Turkish consumer, in snack market with PepsiCo’s food company Frito Lay in Turkey since 1993 and in the beverage market PepsiCo’s beverage company PepsiCo Beverages in Turkey since 2002.

PepsiCo is a global company in a fast alteration for 5 years which has operations in 215 countries in the world. Especially in IT field it accomplished many radical subjects after CIO change. With the structure of the organization and changing in systems, the IT sided perspective has completely changed. We can mention that the IT structure of previous periods has changed into extrovert form to introvert one. We have a type of structure of IT which works friendly to the business organism, understands the requirements and develops solutions accordingly. Rather than supplying hardware and software need, we came to a position closely monitoring the need and creating solutions rapidly together. We maintain our advancement with mainly global brands because when make assessments at technological way, we are a global company. We take our place in a global framework, particularly in network, computing, database and helpdesk part in the new era. We lack of investing chance on Turkey with current pattern. While we realize our investments locally in IT field 10 years ago, as of today we totally became global. We have 2 large datacenter present in Europe, London and Frankfurt. Our crucial infrastructure works here. Frankfurt particularly in the world, is a crossing point of all the telecom operators and hub of all fibers. This places selected specially for investment due to these facts.

While we don’t have many chance to invest, we try to come up with best solutions in IT field. Because; AMEA which brings solutions in global side, there could be problems at practicality in places where there is difference in local process such as Europe and Turkey. You have to invest locally to eliminate the hardships arise from implementing a vendor crossing happened in America in Turkey’s conditions. We as an IT department work associated with India. We have a global partnership with British Telecom (IT) in network side. While we get our support from England in 2009, after 2 years we started to get it from China and for the last 5 years we continue to get it from India-Burgamon. There are major changes happening at PepsiCo for the last 2 years. The objective is to relocate all IT servers to global firms and manage the business by one hand. Currently there is a consolidation work in application side. And there is a goal of handling service support to an Indian company in 2019.

NGN offers work continuity and speed to PepsiCo in Managed Services…

Because of a global agreement ongoing at PepsiCo’s working model we get support from a specific firm but this firm did not give technical support while it provides payrolling support. Our team consist of 24 people as PepsiCo Turkey. There was a major takeover happening in here. The working individuals have goals and everyone want to get some places in accordance with their goals. The trained personnel want to draw a route in accordance with their goals after a period of time. You spend time, effort for this person and can’t hold him/her in your hands. We started to fell need starting from this point. As PepsiCo Turkey we provide service to 6 thousand user, 3 thousand internal and 3 thousand at distributor side. Therefore we mention a serious workload. We decided to give this job in accordance with needs, to a firm which knows the job, an IT firm and when needed could provide technical support. Our aim was to build an organization that could find a personnel in place of the leaving personnel with same abilities. We realized an auction specific to our requests. We determine our requests, needs and the requirements of the work and transmit it to firms. We had an opportunity to contact with many firm after the auction. One of them was NGN. We consider many criteria while deciding to work with NGN. With our meeting with NGN, our decision effected by its position in Turkey, power in market, investments in Turkey, its experience based on years of work rather than price. Hiring, changes in business’ organization, replacement of personnel started take a lot of time and become an obstacle for us. Our main criteria was, an IT firm who is an expert at their job, support us and provide quality support easily. The winning firms of the auction become NGN within this context.

We made start with Manisa…

We made the start with recruiting a new friend to our Facility at Manisa as the first step of our project. We pleased by the provided source. We remained the association with NGN in the next requirements as following. The personnel supplied from NGN is reached to 7 since the project started. Business cooperation is on track. The intention is to improve this on long term association.

We got through a mutual recognition process at the first stage of the Project. Both parts has shared their needs and offers. We accomplished a pleasant project on mutual trust, devotion and ability to reciprocal comprehension. NGN demonstrated a solution oriented approach and we realized a beneficial entity. Our expectations are momentum, accurate and added-valued service from the associated local firms such as NGN.

We have 6 factories in different locations in Turkey besides headquarters that our team provide services. Currently in our 4 factory the personnel source is available that we supplied from NGN. These employees are provide services as sole authorized persons in IT field. In recruiting we approve by meeting them with the factory manager which they will be consistently in dialog at last interview. We hired an employee for network operation source at headquarters apart from factories.

We have 2 employees from NGN which gives area service internally. As of today our IT personnel’s 1/3 is approximately supplied by NGN. We sustain our project started in November 2017 with great efficiency. In case of alteration in our team, we will continue to supply personnel from NGN. Thereby our cooperation is not in a particular period but only be sustainable for long years with win-win sense. Our goal is to satisfy our needs as outsource.

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