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Trendyol Continues to Consolidate its Infrastructure with EMC and NGN

The leading online shopping company Trendyol continues its investments on its journey that started with NGN and EMC. Trendyol has made its second investment due to its increasing needs with fast growth. The solutions of EMC are implemented thanks to the experience of NGN again.

Trendyol System Infrastructure Director Erdem Telci stated that they are cooperating with NGN for almost three years now and underlined the fact that it is very difficult to find a business partner that matches the own dynamics of the company. He also added: We are operating in a dynamic sector that sees strong competition. Flexibility is very important for us. We need to do several things at the same time and also manage our costs excellently. Mr. Telci indicated that everyone should act by considering the fact that the structure of the sector changes continuously and above all, all business units should be able to look from a wider perspective. He underlined that, while choosing the companies they will cooperate, it is important for them to choose only those that meet these criteria, and commented as follows: “We started this project to meet our need to increase capacity of our data storage unit. However, as a result of the need analyzes, we extended the scope of the project. At this point, our project partner NGN understood us, our vision and needs very well and guided us in the best way”. Mr. Telci emphasized that the distance between IT and business units is reduced thanks to the detailed calculations made in these kinds of investments and said “The correctness of our initiatives determines how we will proceed in the future”. He further explained the investment strategies of Trendyol as follows: 
“We, Trendyol, have a technical team that can analyze our own needs and tell the project partner what we want. There are so many products in the sector but we have decided to maintain our continuing successful business partnership with EMC in the second phase of the project as well. The value added by NGN and the support provided by them has become decisive in this project decision. As a result, close interest of the parties consolidates mutual confidence. In this way, we started to cooperate with NGN and EMC in the first project. During the process, we saw that we made a right choice.”

We performed well beyond our target!

Mr. Telci said “The view and vision of EMC in the sector is in parallel with our trend” and emphasized that they started this journey with EMC VNX family with the first investment step and they continue to grow with the state-of-art products of EMC in the project which was completed approximately one month ago. 

As Trendyol has many critical business structures, continuous rotation and development must be realized in its IT structure. Mr. Telci indicated that they exceeded their capacity and performance target with the new devices of EMC and they will continue to invest in disaster recovery center in 2015.

Product and support as factors that make a difference 
Mr. Telci made the following comments: New devices of EMC means speed for Trendyol at first. Also, we get a lot of benefits from the EMC products. “In our business, continuity and security are vital. As part of our business, we are not afraid of the high shopping traffic on the New Year’s Day, February 14 Valentine’s Day and other special occasions. The hardware and knowledge we gained is important but support provided to us is more important. The competent staff of engineers of NGN and their serious references and experience in this field have become decisive for us. They have supported us with their solutions at all phases of the project.  

We addressed the needs in the most proper way

NGN General Sector Sales Director Dilek Süer: “We have been maintaining strong business cooperation with Trendyol for three years now. In the first data storage project implemented by us, we, as NGN and EMC, believe that we have created a serious added value. We built our cooperation on a strong foundation upon completing the first phase successfully as a result of the analysis and POCs. As the needs of Trendyol increased in parallel with the growth trend of the company, we implemented the second phase of the project. We provide Trendyol with solutions in many other projects in addition to data storage projects. We are proud of completing a successful project for Trendyol together with our long-time project partner EMC. 
As NGN, our first target is to provide our value added services to the leaders in the sector and to become a reliable business partner for enterprises. 

NGN Presales Team Leader Ercan Özkurt: “Our fundamental duty is to analyze technological needs of our clients and to provide them with the most suitable solutions. We used the tools of EMC to analyze the performance values of the data storage units used in the existing systems of Trendyol and reported the status of the systems. Based on this report and growth ratios of the company, we deployed EMC VNX2 product. We tried to provide more performance with less cost by supporting our proposed data storage unit with Fast Suite (Fast Cache, Fast VP) software. According to the analysis performed after the installation, faster responses were received for the requests made by the server thanks to the Fast Cache technology. We also saw that, with the Fast VP (data auto tiering) technology, more-frequently used data is stored on fast disks and less-frequently used data is stored on the disks that have low cost and high capacity. As a result, we provided a high performance solution that fully meets the needs of the client and that is suitable for further growth.

We also plan the future with investment

EMC Business Partners Executive Tuna Yemişçi: “An investment cycle that starts and continues with EMC is a pride for us. If your client chooses you again, it indicates the success of your technology and their confidence in you. NSX technology in the EMC’s new generation VNX product family is a system patented by EMC. This system ensures smooth functioning of high transactions traffic and strongly deals with high-user operations such as e-commerce. This investment made by Trendyol constitutes the infrastructure for their future investments. EMC offers competent solutions for data storage and data management. As our business partner NGN has good knowledge of EMC solutions, we implemented the project very efficiently. I would like to thank both Trendyol for choosing us and also NGN for supporting us”. 

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