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Specialized Chemistry Company Setaş Cooperates with NGN for IT Business

One of the leading industrial enterprises Setaş Kimya, in line with its IT needs that increase due to growth, is in cooperation with NGN, a specialized information technology company. 

Setaş Kimya is operating in 22.000 sqm enclosed area on 36.500 sqm land at Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone and has 59.000 tons production capacity. Since 1966, the company has been producing dyes, auxiliary chemicals, optical brighteners, electrostatic powdered paints and masterbatch for textile, paper, metal and plastic industries. The company continuously improves its capability to produce new scientific solutions and invests in high quality workforce and high technology for this purpose. In 2011, it launched Setaş Technology Center. 

Setaş Kimya continuously needs IT support in light of these developments and has been using NGN expertise for many years. Setaş Kimya Information Technologies Manager Birgül Oflazca said: “Our speed of growth increased and diversified our IT needs. We had to manage the big organization of Setaş Kimya irrespective of time and space and ensure that the units remain in touch with each other”. Due to this need, we have been cooperating with Turkey’s leading information technology company NGN for some 10 years. Mrs. Oflazca also indicated that they have established a trust-based relationship with NGN and NGN provides support to them at any time required. 


Mrs. Oflazca indicated that this cooperation started in 2005. “Setaş Kimya is continuing to grow in various business fields ever since its incorporation. In line with this growth, the number of our employees and the data and number of devices that we have to manage have significantly increased. In order to institutionalize and centralize our company, we needed a strong business partner that can understand our needs and provide us with service on a 24/7 basis. At that time, we started to cooperate with NGN” she said. 

NGN Sales Director Dilek Süer indicated that NGN and Setaş Kimya are in close cooperation for a long time and have implemented many successful projects so far. Mrs. Süer also said that NGN has extensive cooperation with different companies in Turkey. “We are continuously investing in new technologies. Our purpose is to become the leading system integrator that creates added value in the Turkish IT market. With our new solutions and ever-expanding team, we continue to improve our cooperation with other companies like Setaş.” she added. 

NGN has been providing ‘‘end to end’’ IT service with innovative technologies since 2005 and provides services to many national and international companies in different sectors including banking and finance, production, public, retail and energy, NGN has so far completed hundreds of big scale projects that improve business efficiency and continuity. NGN makes new investments abroad in order to make a contribution to information technology export of Turkey. 

Setaş uses NGN expertise in many fields such as infrastructure, business continuity, software, security, maintenance, consulting, outsourcing services etc. 

NGN renovated systems rooms including infrastructure, network, data storage and server systems. With the ERP system that was installed on these systems by ERP consultants, Setaş has centralized its business processes and gained cost benefits and efficiency. Birgül Oflazca said: “With the support of NGN sources, we appointed NGN for the technology part of our business so that we can only focus on chemistry which is our own field of expertise.’’

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