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Retail Giant Boyner Group Ensures Full Security on its Database Platforms with NGN

Boyner Group, one of the retail giants in Turkey, cooperates with NGN, one of the leading IT companies in Turkey, for data security and control.

Boyner Group, a follower of innovations in Turkey with its global store management concept for over 20 years, continues its operations and services by providing its clients with products in women, men and kids wear, home, shoes, cosmetics and youth active sports categories through its ‘‘unconditional customer happiness’’ principle and based on different store concepts every year. As a brand that places importance to innovation and high technology, it has recently chosen NGN, one of the leading IT companies in Turkey. Managing a high volume of data infrastructure due to the nature of its sector, Boyner Group has chosen Imperva, one of the leading companies in the world in this field, for data security operation in this project and ensures data security and controls in all its database platforms as a result of the cooperation in question. Imperva, represented by NGN in Turkey, stands out with its leading cyber security solutions that protect critical business data and applications suitable for all sectors.

System has been centralized 

Enis Ozan Akkaya, Boyner Group’s Information Technologies Coordinator, indicated that Boyner Group has an information security department for about 2 years and the Group has accelerated its efforts to centralize all its IT and information security processes. Mr. Akkaya added: “Data security and control have become more important and more sensitive issues. So, we wanted to create a unit to manage the entire procedure in connection with the actions that should be taken for technical infrastructure by using proactive solutions, planning and designing of these actions and ensuring compliance of employees with the general rules of information security. Our target was to create a group standard in the implementation of projects by managing the business in a common system, to enable efficient management and to reduce our total ownership costs by benefiting from scale cost. We are planning to combine system management, infrastructural management, network management and information security management in a common structure.’’

E-trade grows rapidly 

Emphasizing the importance of information security of the brands within Boyner Group, Mr. Akkaya also underlined that it is important to protect and store the information there and said: “As Boyner, we provide services to all segments from A+ to D+. E-trade websites of our group grow every year and proceed on the way to become the biggest stores of the relevant brands within the group. Therefore, we need to continuously update our infrastructure and systems. In the background, we manage a tough operation that ensures optimization up to a millisecond for the opening of the webpages, and we also handle this process among our group companies. For example, you can buy a product from Morhipo and return it to a Boyner store. At first glance, this could seem to be not a difficult operation but there are quite serious integration and development operations in the background. This naturally increases workloads of IT departments in group companies. We have to perfectly manage the operations of the entire group. We have established a structure that creates a single company appearance towards customers as a result of serious integration works in the background. With this project implemented with NGN, we inspect all database platforms of the entire group and ensure operation of our systems in a controlled way.

“It is Important to Act Proactively in Security”

Mr. Akkaya talked about the details of the project and said: “Our primary purposes were to ensure control and regulation in our databases. The solution that addresses our needs was a product that maximizes visibility, analyzes possible errors and users that enter and exit databases and their activities and generates daily and monthly reports regarding these issues. This project allows us to systematically generate reports about the regulations and rules that apply to our company. SIGM products, which are used for common review, have ensured integrations.

We identify and when necessary, block suspicious activities by monitoring activities proactively without making any changes to the database and without consuming any sources. In addition, we take actions that aim to eliminate use of generic users. Our purpose is in fact not to make intervention after occurrence of an incident but to avoid occurrence of incidents and to generate fast solutions. The capabilities of the product are of course very important, but the companies that can offer boutique solutions, have good knowledge and control over the product that they sell and employ specialized individuals. From this perspective, I think that we are very lucky to cooperate with NGN”.

Mr. Akkaya said: “One of the basic capabilities we were seeking for was strong system integration’’ and emphasized the good harmony achieved with the competencies of NGN in Imperva and its dedicated efforts. Mr. Akkaya indicated that they preferred Imperva as a suitable solution partner to acquire a database firewall and SIEM and continued as follows: “Imperva is a ‘living’ product that requires continuous tracking. We need to better predict and plan our imagination and what can be done. It is necessary to regularly meet with the authorities to get to know the product, review the rules and gain knowhow.

The Model of “Leasing Instead of Buying” is in Demand

Mr. Akkaya underlined that this product has competitive prices in terms of its costs and NGN offered significant financial support. He indicated that the current trend is switching to the model of “Operational leasing instead of buying” and added: “This solution is more attractive in terms of both capacity and cost management. We started with suitable capacity for our own organization. As we continue to use the product extensively, we conclude that we actually need more. The product has been substantially deployed in the databases. As the volume of databases that we log increases, our capacity needs gradually increase and we will have to invest on the new product’’.

A ‘Living’ Product: Imperva

NGN Sales Director Dilek Süer indicated that NGN has been partnering with Boyner Mağazacılık about 5 years and it is very precious to write this story of success with Boyner Group, and added: “With Boyner Group, we have implemented many successful projects in various fields so far. “Enterprise Vault” is one of the projects that we jointly implemented before. As NGN, we support the protection and review of the database in the most successful way through this security project implemented by us. I believe that we can deliver projects with higher added value based on our innovative products and solutions in the future. Our purpose is not to sell the product but to establish a relationship and to become a long-term service supplier’’. 

Mrs. Süer emphasized that Imperva delivers a substantial value add in terms of both use and price vs performance and identifies Imperva as a ‘living’ product. Ms. Süer said that Imperva includes a lifecycle and added: “Today, it is very valuable to store data. Of course, this issue is not only related to databases but it is also very important to protect the data and files stored in disks. We rapidly continue our technical infrastructure works in this field. Imperva is a product that has substantial capabilities to do so-called dynamic profiling which enables to learn the structure of the enterprise and establish rules according to this structure. Imperva has very good references and  acquired a substantial market share as compared to its competitors in the last 3 years.”

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