Made a Difference in Production with Technology

Yıldızlar Yatırım Holding, one of the leading industrial enterprises in Turkey, has made another ‘‘breakthrough’’ in its sector. Yıldızlar Yatırım Holding has chosen NGN, a strong company of information technology, as its business partner and sets an example to all industry world with its new IT infrastructure.

Yıldızlar Yatırım Holding and its subsidiary Yıldız Entegre are currently listed as one of the top 50 companies in Turkey. The company is particularly investing in forestry products and wood industry and operating in integration with its production plants and factories in various cities as well as thousands of dealers and business partners in the country.

That is why Kadri Erkınay, Information Technologies Manager of Yıldızlar Yatırım Holding says: “Our growth speed increased and diversified our IT needs. We had to continuously manage the big organization of Yıldızlar irrespective of time and space and ensure that all units remain in communication with each other”. Mr. Erkınay also emphasized that due to this need, they have chosen NGN, one of the leading information technology companies in Turkey. This cooperation does not only provide Yıldızlar Yatırım Holding with the state of the innovative solutions, flexibility and manageability but also enables all members of Yıldız Family to access to information easily and safely as if we are all working under the same roof”.

Company grew and its needs changed

Of course, there are other benefits as well… The strong cooperation between NGN and Yıldızlar Yatırım Holding can be indicated as a good example of how the big industrial enterprises in our country can acquire competitive advantage by benefiting from IT services. Mr. Erkınay mentioned that the foundation of this cooperation dates back to 2004, however; the actual development occurred when Yıldızlar Yatırım Holding grew by means of acquisitions and mergers in the areas other than forestry products and wood industry and added: “Our Company has expanded its activities in the sector by acquiring new companies recently. Also, the number of our workers and the number of data and devices we have to manage have significantly increased as well. In order to institutionalize and centralize our company, we needed a strong business partner that can understand our needs and provide uninterrupted service to us on a 24/7 basis. NGN helped us in such a tough time”.

Mr. Erkınay indicated that they went through a big selection process before deciding to cooperate with NGN and eliminated leading technology companies in the world in this selection process and added: “According to our opinion, NGN is well ahead of not only the rivals in Turkey but also global competitors as well. I have to add that our trust and belief in NGN as a specialized company and the team synergy that can excellently understand the needs and expectations of Yıldızlar Yatırım Holding played an important role in our selection of NGN as a business partner”.

Mr. Erkınay declared that all platforms from hardware to software have changed and successfully integrated with previous applications. “Today, we have managed to collect all the infrastructure in a single platform. We are now able to easily carry out many IT operations that we couldn’t do before. Besides, we can report all our operations by clicking a single button. In this way, our IT infrastructure is safer and more flexible and we can easily see how much progress we have made so far”.

NGN Sales Director Dilek Süer indicates that they are in excellent cooperation with Yıldızlar Yatırım Holding for three years and says: “We are happy to implement the projects that will differentiate Yıldızlar from its rivals in the sector and that will ensure efficiency in the business they focus. I think that we will be implementing many other value added projects both in the country and abroad in the coming period, and we are working very hard to achieve this purpose”.

An example for the Sector

The statements of NGN Presales Team Leader Ercan Özkurt also prove the good job. “As NGN, we are cooperating with specialized business partners such as EMC, Cisco, HP and VMware that provide advanced technology. In the project we planned for Yıldızlar Yatırım Holding, we chose to cooperate with the ‘best’ supplier. Mr. Özkurt also added: “Yıldız Entegre was going through a serious change process in terms of centralization and innovation. And there were no similar models in the sector that they could take as an example. Therefore, we identified all necessary needs and expectations in advance and created a systematic strategy. Within this scope, we offered architecture which is integrated with EMC’s VSPEX - a product with proven success. With solution created by using the components of EMC, Cisco and VMware, Yıldızlar Yatırım Holding has become an exemplary company having the highest technology in its own sector and even in the field of industry”.

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