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Finansbank Database Auditing Have Been Entrusted to NGN

Launching its new banking applications on its large database, Finansbank never refrains from using new technologies for the security of its important data. Thanks to its cooperation with NGN for many years, Finansbank continues to expand its projects in terms of data security, which is one of NGN’s area of expertise.

Databases of companies are crucial as they are used in a wide range of business processes from marketing, analysis of documents, product development to risk management. The main challenges in terms of data strategies applications are to ensure security and acquire high-quality data. Recent EU regulations and growing concern of clients for data security indicate that enterprises have to develop solutions which will ensure data security in order to build a trust relationship with clients. Data security is important for all sectors and requires special sensitivity particularly in finance sector. As one of the leading banks in Turkey, Finansbank is differentiated from its competitors thanks to its data security system and efficient processes in this field.


Finansbank, whois known for its wide data infrastructure and efficient use of “big data’’, is in cooperation with Imperva, one of the leading companies in the world in this field, for its data security operation. Imperva, represented by NGN in Turkey, provides solutions suitable for all sectors.

The first step of the cooperation between Finansbank and NGN, the representative of Imperva in Turkey, started in 2009. Ahmet Taşkeser, who is working as Consulting Security Designer, said that after they decided to change their system, they tried many products and chose Imperva. Mr. Taşkeser made the following statement about why they preferred this system: ‘Our first purpose was to make our environment safer, more trackable and reportable. At that time, the capabilities of the product we were using were limited and we saw that Imperva was improving itself rapidly. On the other hand, one of the most fundamental properties we required was powerful system integration. Imperva exceeded our expectation. With the competencies of NGN in Imperva and their dedicated efforts, we created a perfect harmony of cooperation”. Mr. Taşkeser underlines that they have increased the data security system capacity, which they started with NGN three years ago, by eight times more now. 


So, what happens in case of data security gap? Surely, the biggest risks are loss of clients and damage to company’s reputation. However, Mr. Taşkeser emphasizes that this gap also brings financial burdens particularly on banks. In addition to loss of existing data, all damages and penalties might cost millions of dollars. He recalles that banks are subject to tens of sanctions imposed by both local regulators and global regulators and adds: “We do not experience any problems in inspections thanks to Imperva. We ensure efficient processes with our high data security and assure client satisfaction and avoid costs caused by regulations. The products offered by banks as well as the scores given to banks in inspections and their activities in this field are also very important in competition. Data security does not make a directly measurable financial contribution but irreparable losses may occur in case of data security gap”.

Bünyamin Öner, Senior Security Designer, discussed about the contributions of Imperva to their projects and said that Imperva collects inspection records that comply with local and international regulations and improves the project one step ahead all the time thanks to its user-friendly interface and various capabilities. He also added: ”The contribution of Imperva cannot be seen financially, but it supported our database without any problem and ensured that we obtain good results in inspections”.


Imperva accelerated business processes of Finansbank and made a great contribution to efficiency. Erdem Alaşehir, serving as Consulting Security Designer, said that Imperva offers ease in terms of responding to instant requests of internal clients, and another most striking characteristics of it is technical support. Mr. Alaşehir also indicated that their local and international support requests were satisfied rapidly and added: “Local support is very important for us. NGN solves all problems with their fast feedbacks without any interruption in our business processes. On the other hand, its international support is operating at an incredible speed. We receive response to our support requests, not later than tomorrow. This can be counted as one of the most fundamental characteristics that differentiate Imperva from all other products”.

NGN Sales Director Dilek Süer indicates that it is a serious responsibility to ensure security of data of an important client like Finansbank and added: “We implemented a very good project at Finansbank with a very successful product and we continue to improve our cooperation in various fields. To ensure satisfaction of Finansbank and generate solutions for all its technology needs, we, NGN, are trying to do our best. We implemented important projects not only in security but also in other areas as well”.

Information Box: Imperva, one of the important business partners of NGN in the field of security, provides customized security solutions that protect critical data and applications of companies. Imperva offers value added features such as service scanning and recognition, data classification, gap scans, data enrichment etc., and databases are easily monitored with the ready screens supplied within the system such as critical data accesses, authorized user accesses, wrong inquiries, creation of profile etc. With its core scalable license model, it can generate projects that are suitable for each client and that can be expanded.

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