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Anadolu Bilişim Continues to Expand its EMC Infrastructure Together with NGN

Anadolu Bilişim which uses EMC products in its data storage infrastructure has been managing the new EMC projects with NGN for more than 8 months.

Anadolu Bilişim, which provides service to over 50 thousand corporate users in 15 countries and which offers server hosting, virtualization, data back-up, data retrieval, emergency center (ODM) services, operation systems management, physical infrastructure services, manageable security solutions, field services, database management, messaging and video conference services in different technology platforms, started to work with NGN to expand its existing system and to receive consultancy and service about the new solutions of EMC. Yakup Kadri Ünal, Anadolu Bilişim Technology Solutions and Services Director, indicated that they have started successful cooperation with NGN and added that “Data storage systems have critical importance for a company providing data center service. As Anadolu Bilişim, we decided to work with NGN as part of our expansion decision for EMC data storage systems which we believe is the best solution. “What we were expecting from our business partner was not only to provide technical support to us but also to make a contribution. Therefore, we searched for a business partner for a while after switching to the new systems” says Ünal. “We started to work with NGN very rapidly” and “NGN took over our ongoing businesses very well. They provided project consultancy and implemented installations successfully. We have seen that we are right about our decision to cooperate with NGN after implementation of a successful and smooth project.”

Yılmaz Filiz, Team Manager of Server and Infrastructure Management of Anadolu Bilişim, says that in performance comparisons, EMC stands out with its two important characteristics. One of them is its “auto-tiering” structure on data storage system. He reported that “While we reduce costs, we should also be able to meet the requirements of customers because we serve as a data center”. We can fulfill this with EMC auto-tiering structure. He also added: “Being able to use three different disks inside a single pool provides us with very big advantages in terms of capacity, performance, costs and customer satisfaction.” The other characteristics that makes EMC distinguished for Anadolu Bilişim is RecoverPoint, a replication solution. “We also provide disaster recovery service through our data center in Ankara’’ says Filiz.

We do replication to our data center in Ankara from Anadolu Bilişim Data Center located in Istanbul. RecoverPoint solution of EMC meets all our needs particularly in disk based replications. We can do replication instantly. For example, we provide e-invoice service. There is the requirement of making replication instantly from the regulation in the e-invoice service. We can do this between Istanbul and Ankara instantly coming from only a few minutes behind through RecoverPoint. Doing a replication with this size required a substantial telecom infrastructure investment. Thanks to EMC RecoverPoint, we both do instant replication and continue with our existing telecom investment thanks to bandwidth optimization.

For Anadolu Bilişim, EMC gains competitive edge not only thanks to these two characteristics. Filiz reports that that they compared the products in terms of up to 20 basic criteria while they were switching to new systems. One of these criteria was ease of management and another was energy saving. “We have several important criteria in data center systems. One of them is energy consumption. How much share the devices which we will use in our own infrastructure take from air conditioning and how much energy they consume is very important for us. We measure the energy consumption with special devices. We have seen that the new systems we purchased from EMC consume very low energy” says Ünal.

Stating that they do not approach to projects only in terms of cost saving, Ünal adds that “Our main target is to provide service that will create customer satisfaction. The area in which NGN is efficient is the importance it attaches to service quality”.

Dilek Süer, NGN General Sector Sales Director, who emphasized the investments they have made to EMC solutions, indicated that they have successfully implemented very big projects with EMC for about 10 years. Suer completed her remarks by saying that “We are happy to add Anadolu Bilişim to our list of big references. We will provide all kinds of support for our successful business partnership to continue in a reliable way and with added value for long years. I especially want to state that the most important factor behind this success of NGN is its qualified engineering staff, know-how and experience.”

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