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We conducted an interview with Anadolu Holding Automotive Group IT Director Levent Hatipoğlu, Anadolu Bilişim System and Infrastructure Manager Yılmaz Filiz and NGN Presales Manager Ercan Öztürk in order to talk about the infrastructure and private cloud investment made to ensure the continued success of, which is one of the key brands of Çelik Motor. Mr. Hatipoğlu emphasized that the most important contribution of the new investment is easy manageability and high performance…

First of all, may you tell us about the website and content of, which is a brand of Çelik Motor?

Levent Hatipoğlu: is one of the brands of Çelik Motor that enables to buy and sell second hand vehicles through the website and mobile application. All steps being carefully planned and developed by Çelik Motor, an Anadolu Group affiliate with over 50 years’ experience in automotive sector, is designed for users to feel safe while enjoying the passion and pleasure of the auction system, with all its details that ensure security and comfort of users.

Users can determine the value of their vehicles in the most accurate way by using the car valuation module in our website developed within Çelik Motor, and sell their vehicles by tender method in the most appropriate conditions. Our members can review the independent survey reports of the vehicles in the tender and the person that submits the highest bid can safely buy any vehicle that he/she desires. Approximately 40 thousand vehicles have been sold through our website so far. Approximately 32 thousand people have so far participated in the tenders on that has over 150 thousand registered users.

Founded 6 years ago, our website has been serving both corporate and individual customers for the last 4 years. In line with our recent investments, our target is to achieve over 30 thousand sales per year in a short period of time. As a result of our renewal works, we renewed the visual designs and processes in the system which is accessible to individuals and companies, and added new functions and additional services such as maintenance and insurance. We also offered our customers a Second Hand Car Valuation Engine (Carwizz), which we consider as a very important and very valuable feature. Carwizz is an artificial intelligence application that calculates the value of your car in the most correct way.

It functions in a simple and safe way…

Car valuation engine available on our website sends notifications to the companies or individuals wishing to sell their cars in relation with the minimum market value and average selling price. If the company/individual wishing to sell their cars considers the price suitable, the survey of the car is conducted by an independent survey organization. Upon completion of the survey process, the car is put on sale by auction with the participation of everyone. After the tender is finalized, the person that submitted the highest bid buys the car. All our sales and after-sale process are carried out online completely. The procedures such as notarization, buying-selling, sending documentation and making payment are conducted online. If the person or company that bought the car finds any non-conformity with the survey report within 7 days after the receipt of the car, that person or company is entitled to return the car unconditionally. currently offers a wide range of makes/models and acts as a reference point in the second hand market.

Speed and security of the system are very important…

Security and speed are the most important two features of an online platform. As our system is an open internet platform, it could be accessed by everyone. At this point, the speed and response of the webpage is crucial for visitors. As we work based on tender method, instant response is significant for both sellers and buyers. We continuously improve our technology and update our investments by conducting security tests to provide higher security at all times. For this purpose, 7-tier security is implemented in the data center where our data is stored. At these security levels, the relevant logs, controls and monitoring are carried out on a 24/7 basis. Intervention can be made against any actions taken while monitoring, the relevant unit is informed and any leakage/penetration or attack is blocked. Besides, security tests are taken actively and continuously. The data is safely stored in the backside. There are diverse servers that act as an interface for customers on the front. While real information is stored in a safe area in the backside, the firewalls used by us in between the two sides ensure security.

May you provide us with information about the need for the project and process?

Levent Hatipoğlu: is an online second hand car auction platform offered by the assurance of Anadolu Group that designed to provide a reliable environment to those wishing to sell second hand cars through the professional survey service, return guarantee and car valuation and auction security systems specifically developed for The cars which are put on sale by auction on are available for sale through valuation experts and the valuation system developed based on the experience of Çelik Motor. The user that submits the highest bid is entitled to buy the car. All operations required to buy cars on are carried out through the website or mobile applications. We planned to add design, system and process innovations and make investment on platform developed by Çelik Motor to enable users to buy cars with reliable information and fair pricing in a way that meets the needs of the sector.

What are the solutions generated by NGN to meet the needs of Çelik Motor on

Levent Hatipoğlu: The new project created a platform that enables individuals or companies to offer their vehicles for sale to individuals or companies with survey reports, to sell the vehicle to the platform user that submits the highest bid as a result of auction and to collect the value of sales from the user based on the power of attorney granted to Çelik Motor. I think that we generated a fast, innovative, reliable and easy-to-access platform that ensures advanced user experience and meets the needs of individuals or companies planning to buy/sell second hand cars. We set up a system infrastructure that provides uninterrupted services with high processing rate through both website and mobile applications of systems.

We had the opportunity to grow both vertically and horizontally…

Upon completion of the conceptual designs of the new project, we decided the most appropriate system architecture and infrastructural components to meet the business needs in cooperation with our business partners Anadolu Bilişim and NGN. We preferred VxRail, which is one of Dell EMC modular integrated platforms, as it provides all components of the system architecture that we need, in a single platform with high performance, high accessibility and easy management. According to the results that we obtained from our trials after the investment made, we observed that our performance has increased by two-fold as compared to our previous system infrastructure. Another reason why we preferred Dell EMC VxRail is that it is a platform that enables to set up a private cloud to ensure physical growth both vertically and horizontally and that serves only us in line with our changing and growing business needs.

As Anadolu Bilişim, may you tell us about the details of the project?

Yılmaz Filiz: We initiated the project of with minor IT investment. As the business grew in the course of time, we continued our investments to meet the new physical and virtual infrastructural needs. As a result of our assessments with Çelik Motor, we decided to expand the investment to ensure measurable growth and made our first investment in private cloud.

We searched for technologies in terms of performance and business continuity. As a result of our assessments with NGN, we decided to use Dell EMC VxRail product and deployed platform on Dell EMC VxRail as private cloud. This new investment enabled us to achieve performance increase, business continuity and easy manageability on We completed the process of going live within a short period of 3 months after this entire service was requested.

As NGN, may you tell us about the details of the project?

Ercan Özkurt: Anadolu Bilişim is one of our important business partners with whom we have implemented successful projects in certain fields in recent years. During this process, we have also implemented many joint projects with Anadolu Bilişim in different companies of Anadolu Group. Thanks to various group projects implemented by us so far, we have gained experience in connection with the expectations from IT and how we should respond to those expectations. As NGN, we do not only meet the expectations of our customers but also make necessary plans to obtain much better results and achieve efficiency for our customers. We worked on project to achieve not only performance increase but also user satisfaction. Our projects primarily involve criteria such as security, performance, efficiency and scalability etc. In the project, we preferred using software-based solution beyond conventional architecture. Through the demonstrations that we prepared together with Anadolu Bilişim, we tried to generate solutions that meet the needs of Çelik Motor. We started the project by analyzing the existing environment and expectations and decided that the system should be primarily easy to manage. For this purpose, we set up private cloud to meet the needs of the user centrally. Secondly, we decided to use all flash technology to obtain the required performance. The operating architecture of the solution internally provided continuity, which is one of the most essential factors of the project. We offered all required features in a box thanks to the software-based technology instead of conducting operations separately for each hardware in the conventional architecture.

Itemized benefits of the Project for

  • High Performance 
  • High Accessibility 
  • High Flexibility 
  • High Efficiency 
  • Ease of Management 
  • Easy Capital Increases

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