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NGN Is Listed As One Of The Top 10 Managed IT Services Companies 2019

   NGN, one of the leading technology companies in Turkey, is listed as one of the Top 10 ‘‘Managed IT Services Companies 2019’’ by CIO Applications Europe Magazine

 CIO Applications Europe, which closely follows up the latest developments in technology, has announced the top 10 managed IT services companies including NGN, in its October Issue.

As a system and cloud integrator, NGN is one of the ‘‘Top Performing IT Companies’’ in Turkey and is also known as a reputable company in terms of its Managed Services.

The Company’s comprehensive managed services include hardware maintenance and management, infrastructure and cloud services management, backup services, disaster recovery, operating system management, network and security services management, and more.

NGN, targeting the Transformation of Information Technologies, has re-configured its managed services portfolio.

 “We Are Closing the Gaps with NGN’s Managed Services”

In the interview with CIO Applications Europe Magazine; Sinem Edil, NGN’s VP, says:

“As a provider of Managed Services, we are a company that offers diverse service alternatives.

From fully outsourced IT services, through selective IT managed services for specific parts of their infrastructure, to traditional IT support, we can provide services to meet every need. While it is nearly impossible to find one person with a thorough knowledge of the entire IT landscape, we also generate a solution through our experienced and knowledgeable team. NGN brings in the managed services that ‘‘seal the holes in the leaky roofs found in organizations’’, while also providing additional support in other areas. In addition, NGN managed services solution can provide that extra set of eyes that company needs while the IT team is off-hours. The company offers 24/7 monitoring and repair of the company’s most essential business applications. With NGN managed services, our customers do not need to sacrifice peace of mind for work-life balance’’.

 “We are the New Generation Partner for Leading Corporate Companies in Diverse Sectors’’

Sinem Edil emphasizes that NGN serves a wide range of industries by indicating “We are the reliable, new generation technology partner in diverse sectors including banking and finance, manufacturing, public, retail and telecommunications.’’

“As NGN, we offer significant business value to our customers with managed services that combine our system integrator, cloud and managed services provider identity. We help them gain competitive edge in the market by providing them with high class, value-added technology solutions and professional services. We support them particularly to improve their business efficiency in their own eco-systems and reduce product and service costs. In this way, we explore new growth strategies for our clients to allow them to become enterprises that grow in a balanced way.’’

 Distinguished Characteristics of NGN towards its Rivals

Besides its impressive portfolio of managed services, NGN’s uniqueness stems from being the only system integrator that owns and operates a data center ‘‘Star of Bosphorus’’as the “Digital Fortress of Turkey’’ with Tier III design and facility certification.

Sinem Edil explains: “With Star of Bosphorus, we offer our customers the highest degree of physical protected server/hardware hosting facility designed to reduce the risk of earthquakes. We provide a unique facility that prioritizes uninterrupted operation time for corporate clients.”

 Moving ahead, NGN’s new services will facilitate the deployment and management of modern applications, while supporting managed services with new technologies.

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