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New Digitalization Strategies Discussed at the Digital Transformation Summit in Sponsorship of NGN!

The most comprehensive "Digital Transformation Summit" of Turkey was organized by Fast Company on November 4, Wednesday.

At the online summit, which was attended by Vala Afshar, a famous digital leader, and Tony Saldhana, the author of the book ‘Why Digital Fail’, new digitalization strategies and the future of digitalization were discussed in co-sponsorship of NGN.

The "Holdings 2021 Panel", moderated by Müfit Süer, the Deputy General Manager of NGN, was attended as panellists by Burak Aydın, the General Manager of SabancıDx, Gül Erol, the CIO of Yıldız Holding, and Oğuz Sezgin, the CIO Digital Transformation Leader of Koç Holding. At the panel, issues were discussed such as what has happened in terms of digitalization in 2020, what holdings have achieved in this regard, which areas they have given priority to, and which technologies are to be focused on in the upcoming period.

It was stated that, along with the extraordinary pandemic process, there has been a much faster development in the process of digitalization than what had been attempted so far, and that “the infrastructure of companies and the culture of doing business” have came to the fore in this process. While expressing how difficult and vital it is to make quick decisions in uncertainty and to implement these decisions especially for companies that do not have flexible infrastructure, the importance of internal communications was also mentioned.

It was stated that the value of data has appeared even more with the emergence of the corona virus (Covid19) pandemic, and how the excessive data makes us stronger, and NGN's investments in this field was also discussed.

Müfit Suer, the Vice President of NGN told as follows: "At NGN, we are data nationalists and we care about the data's stay in Turkey. In this regard, we have made all of the investments we planned for 2021 with respect to our own cloud infrastructure, established by us, within the first 6 months of 2020. Cloud usage has increased significantly during this period. "

At the panel, advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of IoT-objects, especially the digitalization of production sites, factories, industry 4.0 and even 5.0 and cyber security were the prominent technologies that holdings will focus on in the coming period.

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