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Advancity Won an Award at IDC thanks to NGN Cloud!

IDC Cloud & Datacenter Summit, the biggest cloud and data center event in Turkey, was organized online on December 08th.

Advancity and NGN collaboration received an award at IDC Cloud Awards 2020 during the event that was attended by top IT managers from enterprises and public authorities. The IDC Cloud award was presented for the ‘‘Public Cloud Migration’’ Project implemented by NGN and Advancity, which is an enterprise operating in the field of e-learning.

Advancity, which has been working on distance learning infrastructures for over 20 years as a leader in this market, has acquired high-performance cloud infrastructure by transferring its virtual classroom software into NGN Cloud. With this project, Advancity received an award in Iaas / Paas category during the IDC Cloud & Datacenter Summit.

Cem Atacık, General Manager of Advancity:

“With this project implemented jointly with NGN; we have ensured user load balance by accurately localizing the intensity in our systems. During our collaboration, we have succeeded in equally transferring the uploading and downloading speed by taking the user intensity in our system into consideration. As a result, it is very precious and critical for us and for our customers to keep data within Turkey as a domestic and national solution in the distance education market in full compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law. Although our software architecture is sufficient to meet the needs of booming number of users in the pandemic process; the capacities of data providers and telecommunication infrastructure providers that will ensure the transfer of the rapidly-increasing data traffic play a key role in ensuring the quality and continuity of the services. With this project jointly implemented with NGN’s Star of Bosphorus Data Center , one of the leading data centers in Turkey; we have accurately planned the intensity created by over 2 million users in our systems and ensured our data traffic increase and load balance. The ability to quickly meet the demands of our users with the contributions of NGN in this unprecedented period and solving any problems immediately strengths our relationships with our customers and increases the confidence in Advancity, which is extremely precious for us.’’

Beyazıt Öztürk, Data Center and Cloud Solutions Director at NGN:

“The education has been conveyed to online during the Covid-19 pandemic process, and currently almost all institutions resume their educations online. The enterprises that invest in digital infrastructure make a difference in this period. We have started and implemented a very successful project in this area with Advancity. As a result of rapid and short process, Advancity has started using the cloud IT infrastructure of NGN Cloud. We are proud that this project implemented by us has received an award from IDC as a leading corporation in the sector. I would like to thank again all my colleagues that have contributed.”

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