Human Resources

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Based on the fact that our growth strategy depens on human resources, achieving success and determined goals, we carry out recruitment, promotion, performance evaluation, career planning and training with great precision.

As NGN, we aim to positively affect the quality of life and work of our employees. In this context, we ensure that our office design, the suitability of the technological infrastructure and the equipment that employees need are up to date and in line with the standards.

Our work environment includes a laptop, wireless work and remote access to the corporate network. Also mobile phone and line, however, are provided to use the company tool based on position.

Our young and dynamic structure has a social work space for us to create a common synergy.

Performance evaluation

360 degree performance evaluation system is applied 2 times a year on competency basis in order to determine the strong and developmental aspects of our employees and to shed light on education and career planning in this direction.

Career Management

As NGN, in the light of accurate and applicable performance measurement methods, we offer our employees short and long term career plans and horizontal and vertical rotation opportunities.

Training and Development

It needs to be constantly up-to-date and development oriented due to the sector in which we exist. In this respect, we are making the biggest investment of NGN, our employees, on their biggest investment. Our training plans are planned and implemented in line with the targets and needs in the light of our performance evaluation data.

Wage Management

As NGN, we aim to keep the talent of our current employees high and create a happy working environment while adding talented people to our organization. We have a fair and competitive yearly gross salary salary policy, which ensures that our employees are rewarded with their success indicators and talents and experiences.

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